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What Would You Do If You Knew…

  • How often your customers visit your location and where they go once inside?
  • How much time your customers spend at your location and where they go when they leave?
  • How often your customers walk by your location and if they respond to promotions?

What If You Could Engage Your Customers…

  • Based on the times they frequent your location versus pass your location?
  • Based on time spent and the journey they made within your location?
  • Via a mobile app notification, SMS, or email?
Go beyond purchase analytics and understand how customers interact with your business.
Engage your customers when and where you want based on real time data.
Provide best in class WiFi to support all of your customers’ digital needs.

flyby® provides attendees, consumers and residents a secure and community friendly WiFi to enable their digital lives. Support your community, engage your community, connect in your community.

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